Removable Wallpaper: A Godsend

I knew it. I knew I couldn’t continue the “Tina Made” title for all of my posts. “Tina Made… a Pretty Wall.” Doesn’t quite work. *weeps*

Let’s be real here. I live in a very old apartment with off-white walls. It’s kind of annoying that as a renter I can’t do much to the apt. but it’s fine. I can deal. EXCEPT. Except there’s this one half-wall in my dining area that’s covered with the most hideous 70s-esque wallpaper. It looks like the readings of an EKG. I wish I had a picture to post. Although maybe even if I did, I wouldn’t post it, because I wouldn’t want you to gouge your eyes out.

So it was truly a miracle from heaven that I discovered Chasing Paper on Design*Sponge a few months ago. It was literally the day or day after the launch of their site, and I made an impulsive purchase of 6 panels of removable wallpaper. Each $25 panel is 2’x4′ and is essentially a ginormous sticker that you peel and stick to your walls (or furniture, or behind your bookshelves, etc.). Awesome for renters, for those who get visually bored easily, and for the non-commital.

Here’s how it turned out:

wallpaper-2  wallpaper-4

wallpaper-1  wallpaper-3

To be completely honest, it was pretty difficult getting the wallpaper up, mostly because I did it alone. Managing 2’x4′ stickers (lining up seams, trying to keep everything level, avoiding bubbling) by myself was tedious, arduous, and dangerous (Jk. It wasn’t dangerous. I just wanted another -ous word). Having a second set of hands would have made the job 2904x easier. Yes, 2904x. In the bottom right picture, you can see that the seam between 2 panels is pretty visible from up close, but it’s not noticeable if you’re not carefully looking. Nor in the background of pictures, which is what really matters… right? 😉

Difficult or not, would I do it again? Absolutely yes. The wallpaper totally livened up my dining room space and now when I walk in, I don’t think about cardiac arrests and hospitals.

Check out all of the different patterns on Chasing Paper’s website— they added tons more designs over the past few months!