Another Wanderlust edition of #TBT…

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Iconic Public Market…

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…selling the prettiest flowers inside.

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Porchetta sandwiches from Salumi’s…

photo 2

…and ice cream at Molly Moon’s.

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The Fremont Troll…

 photo 4

…and the prettiest skyline at Kerry Park.


Home (bitter)Sweet Home

I’m home from my 2 week trip to Korea! It’s been a few days but I’m still in a hazy daze from the jet lag. Trying to snap back into “real life” is proving to be harder than expected. It’s nice to sleep in my own bed but I’m already thinking about my next vacation….

I’ve always been somewhat of a hater when it comes to the Motherland, mostly because my past trips to Korea have been, well.. less than enjoyable. But this trip flipped my opinions on Korea upside down, probably because it was my first time experiencing the place with close friends, and also because the country itself has changed so much since the last time I was there (7 years ago)– e.g. in terms of social norms, sanitation, style/fashion, etc. The country as a whole has become so open-minded compared to just a few years ago… it’s bizarre and refreshing.

I basically ate my way through Seoul, visited every major (shopping) area at least twice, saw each of my family members at least once, became an aunt (my cousin had a baby while I was there!), and completely forgot about life in LA. Vacation success.

I’ll be doing a shopping/’haul’ post soon but here’s a few highlights via pictures! Check out my Instagram for more. 🙂


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L: Ice cream with Mitch & Renee in Myeongdong
R: Hanging out at the Leeum Museum in Itaewon on a rainy day

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L: At Ewha Womens University with Sunghee
R: Waiting for our patbingsoo at a cute cafe in Hongdae

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L: Delicious pseudo-pizza in Hongdae
R: Subway shenanigans. Surrounded by people obsessed with their phones. :X

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L: Ready to shop in Myeongdong!
R: Mitch with a creepy-ass girl at Garosugil. Why?!


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L: Ddukboki (rice cake), tempura, and odeng (fish cake) soup in Apgujeong
R: Stone-pot rice with beef + bean sprouts in Gangnam

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L: Lamb skewers in Insadong
R: Raw seasoned crab + tons and tons of banchan (side dishes) in Samchungdong

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L: Rappoki (ramen/ddukboki) with mussels and odeng in Hongdae
R: Brown sugar lattes with green tea custard cake in Samchungdong


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L: My grandparents!
R: Uncle, aunt, and cousins

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I saved the best for last. My niece. ❤ ❤ ❤