Tina Made an Oilcloth Pouch

A short #waylatergram scheduled post– I’m away for the weekend in Yucaipa– be back later today! Hug a veteran you know today. 🙂

I made this oilcloth zippered pouch last year using Momtastic’s tutorial. Yes, apparently I read blogs with names like “Momtastic” and I am fine with that, mostly. (The tutorial was actually written by Liz Stanley of renowned blog, Say Yes to Hoboken— one of my faves).

I was won over by the tutorial when it claimed that knowing how to sew a zipper would separate a “beginner sewer” from an “intermediate sewer.” Agreed, Momtastic… agreed.


The tutorial was pretty thorough in instructions and pictures, so no need for me to rehash the steps for you. But a few things to note if you want to try yourself.

First, when it talks about using a zipper foot on the sewing machine,  I literally had to Google it to see what it looked like and to see if one came with my sewing machine (it did). So you don’t have to do the same, here it is, off the sewing machine. Yep, I truly am (WAS. WAS.) a beginner sewer and am still learning…


Image via here

Second, if you want a pouch with squared off bottom corners like mine (the tutorial has blunted bottom corners), it’s a super simple fix. After the pouch is sewn together, and right before you flip it right side out, use scissors to snip off the bottom corners like so:


Image via here

After you flip it right side out, you can use a pencil or a chopstick or a knitting needle and poke it into the corners to create nice, sharp corners.


I love oilcloth because you can wipe it clean. Good for writing tools (I made 3 for OT use when I was working at a school– one for pencils/erasers, one for crayons, and one for markers) but also great for makeup/makeup brushes. 🙂

Onto bigger and better sewing projects!