On Work. Or Lack Thereof.

I… have been officially unemployed for one week. By choice. This fact alone does not mean much, but coupled with the fact that I have no job set in place for the future, this is personally HUGE! HUGE I tell you. My friend Kevin said in a recent email: “You + No Plans is not an equation I ever thought was possible. I feel like you’re one of the few people that I’ve always thought had everything planned out to the nth degree before you took any steps. Granted, there was like 8 levels of anxiety and waayyy too much over thinking, but you always had a plan. I’m excited for this Leap-of-Faith version of Tina.”

HOKAY buddy, you’ve taken it too far. 8 levels of anxiety? More like 3.5. Watch yo’self.

My Type-A, future-oriented personality is learning to live in the moment, breathe, and trust that everything will be okay. I’m letting myself rest for awhile before looking for a job. Or jobs, since my TENTATIVE plans (I can’t not have any. I just can’t. Leave me alone.) are to work part-time in OT and spend the rest of my time doing something creative, whether that just means personally, or as part of an internship/another part-time job. Ack. But who knows. (WHO? DO YOU? PLEASE. TELL ME.).

Anyway, a few pictures as a tribute to my last 4 years working for Pasadena USD…

photo 3  photo 4

My favorite part of my morning drive into Sierra Madre, whether sunny or cloudy….

photo 2 copy  photo 5

Tons of greenery, my fave. The picture on the right is of a Japanese garden and koi pond… ON THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CAMPUS at which I worked. I clearly went to the wrong school growing up.

photo 5 copy  photo 4 copy

Spent tons of time seeing kids in their classrooms or in my treatment room. Working with children keeps me young. Or maybe it makes me feel old. I don’t know.

photo 3 copy  vsco_0

After school, I went to the district’s OT/PT clinic and saw some more kiddos there. Looks like Chuck-E-Cheese’s, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. It was therapeutic.

photo 2  photo-2

Farewell flowers and well-wishes from the awesome staff and teachers at my school site.

More than anything, I’m really going to miss all the amazeballs people I had the privilege of working with, from the kids (some of whom I worked with twice weekly for 4 years!) to the teachers/staff to my OT colleagues to the collaborative parents to… you get the point.

Leaving a job is always bittersweet, but I’m very excited for this next chapter in my life.

Onward, ho.


True story. Before I started this blog, I was going to make another blog. A pediatric occupational therapy (OT) blog with home treatment ideas for children with special needs, answers to frequently asked questions, parent resources, etc. It would have somehow incorporated the brilliant name………. OTina.

OT. Tina. OTina.

Thank you, thank you. *bows*

Instead, I made Tina Made It.

It was the right choice, considering that at the time, my life was consumed by OT, and the creative, crafting, DIY-ing side of me was in serious need of an outlet.

I say “at the time,” because today, I put in my two weeks notice. I’ve been at my current job (working at a school district with special needs children) for 4 years, and after hemming and hawing for months, I finally decided that it was time to leave. Part of my decision was driven by my desire to try a different practice area (OT is a super broad field), and part by my desire to pursue other passions– like DIY-ing and using more of the right (creative) side of my brain.


At this point, I’m just a jumble of emotions (namely fear, excitement, and some more fear) so maybe I can articulate more of my thought process regarding this whole thing when I’m actually unemployed with endless hours of free time on my hands (yikes!).

But for now, all I have to say is…. what a waste of a blog name. 🙂

Oh, Tina.