Tina Embellished a Journal

I have not yet tried my hand at book-binding, so no, I did not “make” a journal. But I embellished one.

An assistant pastor at my church asked me to make a prototype welcome/information packet for new visitors to our church (Sovereign Grace LA). He presented an elaborate DIY idea that involved making a book with perforated pages, pockets, inserts, and flaps.

Anndddd I pretty much shut down his idea. :X Not because it was a bad idea, but because it would be too difficult and time-consuming to DIY hundreds of them. And so we settled for a happy compromise of a store-bought journal (Picadilly brand, very similar to the ever popular Moleskine) with… embellishments.  That is so not the word I’m looking for right now. But moving on.

I basically compiled all the information that needed to be inside, and used scrapbook cardstock, double-sided tape squares, and Microsoft Word. Honestly, this project really should have been done by a graphic designer, who could design something faster and better fo’sho’ (does anyone still say fo’sho’? yes– me). Ah well. Here was my original prototype, which pretty much ended up being the final version, sans the tag on the front cover:

photo 2

Cover: We ditched the Welcome card and added a pen instead

photo 4 copy

Inside cover: A welcome note from my pastor

photo 3 copy

Back cover: Information about getting plugged into the church. The sleeve on the left is for staff members’ business cards. I bought the sleeves from Etsy at the shop Green Ridge Designs.

I used the font “Ostrich Sans” (download here for free), which I found it via A Subtle Revelry‘s compilation of FREE fonts. Get ’em all here!

By the way– to install a downloaded font, open your Font Book (available in Applications) and drag the file (should be a .ttf or a .otf file) into your Font Book. Should automatically be available in Word the next time you open it. I’m using a Mac so not sure what the process is for PC users. 

Anyway, if you want a journal of your very own, feel free to visit Sovereign Grace LA and come say hi. 🙂