Hi everyone! Did ya’ll have a good weekend? I spent all day Saturday helping my dear friend Pri (recipient of the appliqué onesies turned cupcakes) 😉 shop for her nursery. We hit up Target, Ikea, Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, West Elm, and best of all, The Land of Nod, where Joy’s collection launched just 4 days prior!

photo 3

photo 4

photo 7

So cool seeing everything in person– such cute bedding, toys, and decor, all inspired by her daughter Ruby’s transition from a baby room to a big girl room. Pri bought a few things from Joy’s line, including the cutest stuffed elephant ever… it’s covered in sprinkles!

#ohjoyfornod FTW! Happy Monday!

Lurvin’: MUJI

I’m sure all of you LA folks are already aware of this, but the MUJI U.S. flagship store opened in Hollywood this past Saturday! My only time in a MUJI was in Korea, so I was excited about one opening nearby. Elizabeth from Flourish in Progress (remember her from this?) invited me to a press event the day before the grand opening, so we got to see/shop the store a day early (without the crowds and with a discount!). Thanks, E. 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

They gave us free tote bags (pictured right) and a free planner. I think they offered the same to the first 1000 customers the next day as well! Hurray for free.

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Cosmetics + skin care. MUJI has the world’s best skinny Q-tips that are perfect for makeup detailing/fixing (which I originally found out about from makeup artist Renee at Beauty Makeup Studio).

Processed with VSCOcam

The meticulous organization… it pleases me so. As does the simplicity in design. And the neutral colors. And… okay I’ll stop.

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E, lookin’ cute in front of shower/bathroom essentials.

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These wooden utensils are from the line Found MUJI, which no other store in the U.S. carries– the line features “items from around the world, re-discovered and renewed by MUJI, to represent the roots and philosophy of our products.”

Processed with VSCOcam

Kitchenware galore

Processed with VSCOcam

More kitchenware + storage.

Processed with VSCOcam

Figured this post needed a pop of color. Hexagonal water-based ink double-ended pen… is the official name of these pens.

Other than the stuff pictured above, MUJI also sells furniture, travel items, food (the first MUJI in the U.S. to do so), and clothing (50% off all clothing right now!). The store is huge and definitely worth checking out. Prices can be a little steep depending on the item, but you’re paying for the quality and minimalist-but-functional design.

Parking is a bit of a pain– there’s an underground structure, shared with stores like CVS and Fresh & Easy, and it offers one hour free parking with validation. Anything longer, and it’s $8 (yuck). Nevertheless, worth checking out, perhaps for some last minute Christmas shopping? 🙂

7021 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

Blurred Mason Jar Lines

I know, I know. You’re over mason jars the same amount you’re over Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” Me, too. [Ignore the fact that I just used them as vases for Grace’s bridal shower… cut me some slack, we were going budget-friendly, aiite?!]

And yet. If you go on Pinterest there are ONE MILLION IDEAS FOR MASON JARS. No seriously, that’s the name of one of the boards I found.

Out of those ONE MILLION IDEAS out there, here are the 5 that I find legitimately cool/useful/pretty. So basically the opposite of this. Here they are:


With Lovely‘s mason jar flower shelf. Such an awesome idea! Her DIY tutorial here.


Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body‘s mini pear tarts in mason jar lids. Usually the lids get no love. Genius. Recipe here.

salad-in-a-jar-mason-vegan 29

Healthy.Happy.Life‘s mason jar salads. Four (vegan) recipes here. Also check out The Daily Muse for 4 more (non-vegan) recipes here. I’m so doing this.


Pegagadget‘s mason jar salt & pepper shakers. Adorbz! Buy here, $15.


Free People blog‘s sun jars (solar powered lamps). Freaking cool. DIY tutorial here. Or buy for $40 here.

You can wade through the rest of the one million ideas on Pinterest. Promising myself to move away from mason jar vases… as soon as I finish listening to Blurred Lines. Sigh.

Lurvin’: Hedgehogs


What is the difference between a hedgehog and a porcupine?


Apparently, everything. They’re really not alike at all except in the way they look. Except porcupines are like the ugly step-sisters of hedgehogs.

With that said, I saw the most adorbz measuring cups (see #4 below) at Anthropologie yesterday and came home to do a frantic Google search of hedgehog-themed decor (Note: ‘adorbz’ and ‘obvi’ are in the same teenage-girl-lingo category. And I will use them both liberally. You’ve been warned.). I searched for like an hour and felt like it was the hugest time suck, minus the 4 hours I was on Pinterest after that, but whatevs. Here. YOU’RE WELCOME:


1kipik toothpick holder ($25)//  2decoylab hedgehog clock ($56)// 3hedgehog door stop ($40.95)// 4- measuring hedgies ($36)// 5plush hedgehog ($4.99)// 6hedgehog lamp ($123)// 7mini box pouch ($18)

Happy hedgehogging! Or hedging. Maybe just hogging.

EDIT: Apparently Design*Sponge, who’s like the internet god of design/decor/anythingbeautifulinthisworld, did a similar post (except 4802x better) 4 months ago. FOUR MONTHS AGO. I should just shut down this blog *quiet sobs.*

Tina Made Bunting

Seriously guys. When I saw this gold polka dot burlap at Joann’s, I just about fainted. How cute is this?!? It was begging to be made into bunting.

bunting-2  bunting-1


  • burlap
  • twine
  • felt
  • fabric
  • hot glue gun
  • tacky glue
  • pinking shears
  • scissors

1) Cut your twine to the length of where you will be hanging your bunting, making sure to leave leeway at each end (if you want loose ends hanging). Make sure your twine isn’t stretched completely taut (unless you want completely horizontal bunting with no curvature, in which case, ignore me).

2) Cut your burlap into flags of the shape of your choice. I obviously chose rectangles– about 5.5″x 4.5″. Cut as many as you need to fill up the length of your twine, leaving a small amount of space between each flag. You can eyeball the spacing; mine was about 5/8″ between each flag.

3) Fold the top edge of each flag over the twine (~1/2 inch of burlap) and hot glue into place. Repeat for each flag. If you don’t want to use hot glue, weaving an embroidery needle + baker’s twine (in place of the thicker twine) through the top of each flag would work as well.

4) Using your pinking shears, cut out a heart from a piece of fabric of your choice. Tacky glue your heart to a piece of felt, then cut along the border of your fabric heart with regular scissors, leaving about 1/2″ border of felt. Glue your felt-fabric heart to the middle of a flag. Repeat for as many flags as you wish.

That’s it! Easy-peasy! I hung my bunting (just 4 flags across with a heart on the second flag) on the top of a small bookshelf.

Encounters with a Sewing Machine

I got my first sewing machine as a college graduation gift from my roommate at the time. I say this as if I have more than one. False. I just have one.

It took me 3 years to take it out of the box because I was intimidated. My only other experience using a sewing machine was in my 7th grade Home Economics class, where I did somehow make some sweet totes and bags I never used. But what I mostly remember about that whole experience was the teacher describing how one of her former students got his finger caught under the needle as the machine was running. Talk about traumatizing.

Four years ago, I opened the box, took my machine to a friend’s place, and re-“learned” how to sew from my expert friend. I say this in quotes because although you can learn how to thread the machine (I just looked at the manual) and make the machine run, actually making something (that’s functional/recognizable) is a whole ‘nother story. For my first project, I made bedroom curtains for my sister, because it was the easiest possible thing I could think of.

A friend happened to take pictures of this day; I found them as I was looking through old tags on Facebook (oh, trusty slash scary FB…). Sorry for the terrible quality!

image  image_1

Sat on the wrong side of the machine for awhile ’til I worked up the nerve to try myself. 🙂

image_2  image_3

End result!

Something as simple as curtains still seemed to take forever. All that measuring, folding, ironing, pinning.. urgh. Since then I’ve moved onto some more complicated projects but I still consider myself a beginner-ish. Most of what I do is trial and error but I guess that’s the best way to learn. Can’t wait until I can call myself an expert! 🙂

Removable Wallpaper: A Godsend

I knew it. I knew I couldn’t continue the “Tina Made” title for all of my posts. “Tina Made… a Pretty Wall.” Doesn’t quite work. *weeps*

Let’s be real here. I live in a very old apartment with off-white walls. It’s kind of annoying that as a renter I can’t do much to the apt. but it’s fine. I can deal. EXCEPT. Except there’s this one half-wall in my dining area that’s covered with the most hideous 70s-esque wallpaper. It looks like the readings of an EKG. I wish I had a picture to post. Although maybe even if I did, I wouldn’t post it, because I wouldn’t want you to gouge your eyes out.

So it was truly a miracle from heaven that I discovered Chasing Paper on Design*Sponge a few months ago. It was literally the day or day after the launch of their site, and I made an impulsive purchase of 6 panels of removable wallpaper. Each $25 panel is 2’x4′ and is essentially a ginormous sticker that you peel and stick to your walls (or furniture, or behind your bookshelves, etc.). Awesome for renters, for those who get visually bored easily, and for the non-commital.

Here’s how it turned out:

wallpaper-2  wallpaper-4

wallpaper-1  wallpaper-3

To be completely honest, it was pretty difficult getting the wallpaper up, mostly because I did it alone. Managing 2’x4′ stickers (lining up seams, trying to keep everything level, avoiding bubbling) by myself was tedious, arduous, and dangerous (Jk. It wasn’t dangerous. I just wanted another -ous word). Having a second set of hands would have made the job 2904x easier. Yes, 2904x. In the bottom right picture, you can see that the seam between 2 panels is pretty visible from up close, but it’s not noticeable if you’re not carefully looking. Nor in the background of pictures, which is what really matters… right? 😉

Difficult or not, would I do it again? Absolutely yes. The wallpaper totally livened up my dining room space and now when I walk in, I don’t think about cardiac arrests and hospitals.

Check out all of the different patterns on Chasing Paper’s website— they added tons more designs over the past few months!