An Ethiopian Well

Two and a half-ish years ago, when I turned 26, I decided to “give up” my birthday. A few months prior to that birthday, I had heard a compelling presentation at church by Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water, explaining his organization and how the average person could help towards the cause of providing clean water to EVERYONE in the entire WORLD. Instead of throwing a party or asking for gifts, I asked my friends and family for donations of $26 each… and I raised $832!

Charity: water has promised the general public that 100% of their donations go directly to the field to fund clean water projects, with their operating expenses being covered solely by private donors, foundations, and sponsers. It’s a model pretty unique to charities, and they even “prove” each dollar when the projects are complete by providing photos and GPS coordinates via Google Earth.

This past July, I finally got my “proof” (2.5 years later– I believe they promise you proof within 1.5 years but… shrug. As long as it happens…). The money raised by my friends and family helped to build a well in Ethiopia at Arara Ogero Primary School, serving 458 people! Check out the images below (they are screenshots– click for the full view images).

photo 2  photo 1

photo 3  photo 4

photo 4 copy  photo 2 copy

Pretty sweet huh?!

The N.Y. Times actually posted this article last month (thanks for the tip, Ryan C!) about Harrison and charity: water if you’re interested in learning more, or check out their website to give up your own birthday.