Lurvin’: Hedgehogs


What is the difference between a hedgehog and a porcupine?


Apparently, everything. They’re really not alike at all except in the way they look. Except porcupines are like the ugly step-sisters of hedgehogs.

With that said, I saw the most adorbz measuring cups (see #4 below) at Anthropologie yesterday and came home to do a frantic Google search of hedgehog-themed decor (Note: ‘adorbz’ and ‘obvi’ are in the same teenage-girl-lingo category. And I will use them both liberally. You’ve been warned.). I searched for like an hour and felt like it was the hugest time suck, minus the 4 hours I was on Pinterest after that, but whatevs. Here. YOU’RE WELCOME:


1kipik toothpick holder ($25)//  2decoylab hedgehog clock ($56)// 3hedgehog door stop ($40.95)// 4- measuring hedgies ($36)// 5plush hedgehog ($4.99)// 6hedgehog lamp ($123)// 7mini box pouch ($18)

Happy hedgehogging! Or hedging. Maybe just hogging.

EDIT: Apparently Design*Sponge, who’s like the internet god of design/decor/anythingbeautifulinthisworld, did a similar post (except 4802x better) 4 months ago. FOUR MONTHS AGO. I should just shut down this blog *quiet sobs.*