It’s my 100th post! Hot damn that sounds like so few and so many at the same time. I’m close to reaching my personal goal of consistently blogging for one year– only a month and a half away!

For my 100th post I decided to make a list of 100 reasons why I like blogging.


I can only think of 2.

Anyway, I’m going to be honest here, I have been seriously struggling to post these days. Is there such thing as a blogging dry spell? Like I mentioned in this post, I feel a bit creatively drained these days, which makes it hard to…. make. Tina did NOT make it. My internship with Oh Joy will be ending in mid-June, though, so hopefully I’ll have more DIY content coming soon. 🙂

I really wanted to make some sort of list of 100 but I’d bore myself, so here’s 5 things I’m really obsessed with these days:

1) Keebler Coconut Dreams. EVERYONE. THESE TASTE (and look almost) EXACTLY LIKE SAMOAS. Including the same number of calories (sorry). I swear you the average person will not notice the difference. Find them at your local supermarket instead of rationing your Girl Scout cookies throughout the year.


photo via here

2) Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream. I really hate applying lotion on anywhere but my face. Like, hate it as much as most guys do. But this stuff is tolerable to me (it’s not super sticky or smelly), which is saying a lot. PS- ‘Twas a gift– there’s no way in hell I’d spend $48 on 1.6oz of something I only tolerate. -_-


photo via here

3) Reading. I finished 6 books from my list in the past 10 days. I’m exhausted because I’m sleeping so late err’ night but I cannot stop. I will not stop (#cantstopwontstop). I just finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and it was such a page-turner. Read it before the movie comes out in October!


photo via here

4) Disneyland. I don’t understand people who don’t understand why I like Disneyland. These people have clearly not gone enough and/or have gone with the wrong people. IT IS MAGICAL. Let’s all forget about how they raised their prices last week, and focus instead on how I bought my pass right BEFORE the price hike (actually they’re not even selling the pass I purchased as an option anymore!). See? Magical timing. I’m going for the 4th time this Sunday (in 7 weeks) but I’m still excited.

2008 002

FUN: Animation Academy (drawing class) at CA Adventures.

5) Athletic shoes. Okay so this is a bit of a stretch but I HAVE been spending a lot of time looking at REAL shoes online these days. Like… not Keds (elementary school), Sketchers (middle school), Chuck Taylors (high school/college), Toms (post-college), but…… NIKES. I know, right? It’s like a whole new frickin’ world and language I know nothing about. Flyknit-lunar-TR-free-5.0-what? I’m only looking because I can’t remember the last time I owned a proper pair of shoes, and you know… buying new shoes will motivate me to work out more, isn’t that how it works? I may or may not have ordered these Nike Flyknit Lunar2 DCs below…. did I say that right? PS- Is it possible for running shoes to be cute?


photo via here

 The End.



Lurvin’: Oh Joy for Target

Happy Memorial Day! Thankful for those who gave their lives while serving our country, and also thankful for a day off from work! I’m headed to the OC later today for a BBQ with some friends, and I’ll be bringing my yummy 7-layer dip. 🙂

Did you guys check out Joy’s new summer collection at Target? It feels like just yesterday when her spring collection was out! Anyway, it launched yesterday, and I lurrrrve. It includes more party essentials/decor, but also picnic essentials, like a woven basket and the cutest condiment caddy. Here are some of my faves from the collection (photos via here):


picnic basket and picnic mat


tiffin box meal carrier


condiment caddy with four bottles


insulated soft cooler

I guess it’s a bit early but now that this collection is finally in stores (we actually received the samples of all the products at the studio in March/April!), I’m excited for Joy’s fall collection to come out… 😉 Hooray!


Room / Life / Mess

Does anyone else agree that when your room is a mess, your life is a mess? They are one and the same to me.

My room right now looks like a friggin’ tornado hit it. A few glimpses of what’s going on inside, with the *actual* mess carefully hidden from the camera. 😉

photo 2

Calligraphy practice paper, nibs, and ink spread out all over my desk. Why is the learning curve so steep for me? I guess it would help if I practiced more than once a month… kinda like how I should have practiced piano growing up, or Korean, or guitar, or… (damn, I’m kind of a quitter, aren’t I).

photo 3

Christmas presents on the ground. If your name is Daisy (or Karin, or Tina), I have not seen you since before 12/2013. -_- This is a problem, and not just because you’re contributing to the clutter in my room.

photo 4

An unfinished 3-tiered cake. Made from diapers, obvi. (I would prefer it if this were a 3-tiered cake made out of… cake. And strawberries.)

photo 5

Random stacks of fabric, because my box of fabrics is officially overflowing. I always make sewing projects and end up with leftover fabric swatches, which are typically too small to make something substantial but too big to throw away without it feeling like a waste. Wait. I’ve got it. Time to make a quilt. I literally thought of that right now, so you just caught a #geniusmoment. *bows*

photo 1

I went to Joann’s yesterday and bought THE GILDED PAPER STACK. Which is 48 sheets of 12″x12″ cardstock paper. Because I love gold. And I love anything 50% off. The name is pretty deceiving, as you can see above that only about half the stack is actually gilded. Also, I currently have no use for this paper, as I have not scrapbooked or made a card in months, but this is not what I was thinking in the store as I mentally patted myself on the back for the find. I embellished that teal plate with gold dots, because I love gold. Wait, did I already say that?


In the time it took me to photograph and write this post, I could have probably cleaned my entire room. Eff.

Tinerd Made a List of Books

You guys. In light of my newfound resolve to read more (again), I’ve started my summer reading list. In case you’re looking to do some reading too, I wanted to share my initial picks. Friends, please continue to send your reccs over…!

  • The Maze Runner trilogy + prequel (The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, The Kill Order) by James Dashner
  • One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak
  • The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri
  • Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  • Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
  • Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Three of these books will have movie adaptations coming out sometime this/next year… in case you’re not into the reading thing. 😉 I actually just finished the first Maze Runner book and it reminded me of a darker version of The Hunger Games. Yikes. Took me half of the book to get hooked, but hooked I am, and I can’t wait to finish the series.


I tried really hard to find a picture of me reading but alas, this is all I could find… -_- Circa 5/2009

Happy Reading!!

Read More Books

I read this NY Times opinion article the other day about the benefits of reading, where the author states, “Reading does things — to the brain, heart and spirit — that movies, television, video games and the rest of it cannot.”

Yes. Just yes.


image via here

Growing up as an introvert with a sister who loved to read and no cable TV at home, I became a voracious reader. My parents encouraged me in elementary school by challenging me to read 100 books during summer breaks; when that became too easy, they challenged me with pages (10,000+ pages (!!) one summer, with every title written down in a notebook). In high school, a few friends and I started a book club, where we read books like The World According to Garp (John Irving) and The Virgin Suicides (Jeffrey Eugenides) and spent our lunches together discussing them. Yes, for fun.

‘Twas sad times when I hit college and grad school, because textbooks became more important than real books, and I pretty much stopped reading for pleasure. The release of Amazon’s Kindle was my saving grace, and for awhile, it was permanently attached to my hand as I caught up on lost time. These days, I go through periods of time when I’m obsessively reading, and periods of time when…. I’m not.

After reading that article, I feel re-inspired to tackle all of the unread books on my Kindle (and add to my ever-growing, never-ending list).

Friends, any recommendations of good books you’ve read recently? What should I read next? I’m open to all genres except romance/horror. 🙂

Chanel Leona

She’s here! Long-awaited Baby C of my dear friends Pri and Dan. I visited Chanel Leona Kim hours after she was born last Thursday– and a quick stop-by turned into a 4 hour visit. There was a code yellow (bomb threat) at the hospital due to a suspicious package found somewhere, so the hospital went into lockdown and everyone was stuck inside. Not that I was complaining… I mean, just look at this face…

photo 1

Omg. Just omg.

photo 2

I die.

photo 1

Pri was an absolute rockstar– she delivered without an epidural!

photo 3

I’m gonna be the BEST.AUNTIE.EVER! So excited to watch her grow. ❤

Night Out: House of Blues

I can’t remember the last time I’ve gone out on a weeknight. Like, out-out. When did I get so old? But last Wednesday gave me the best reason to go out ever– a few of my friends from college played at the House of Blues in Hollywood! They were part of the “and Friends” of “Jeevo and Friends”– Byron on viola and James on vocals.

They freakin’ killed it.


Jeevo (third from right) is a singer-songwriter-rapper who also went to UCLA. Bruins doin’ werk. 😉 James, a friend from my freshman dorm days in Dykstra Hall, pictured far right. [Sorry for the yucky iPhone pictures…]


Byron, another Dykstra homie, now married to my dear friend Meesh, pictured second from right, awkwardly cradling his viola.

photo 5

Post-show. Friends for 10.5 years and counting…!


And here’s a throwback from 9 years ago, when James and Byron performed with Jeevo at UCLA’s Spring Sing back in 2005. They pretty much look the same. Some of us girls made them that poster, signed “love, your biggest fans”– we still are!. PS- Spring Sing is an annual music competition that started in 1945 (!), and past performers include Maroon 5 and Sara Bareilles (pre-fame). Yeee.

What a fun night! I was so proud of J & B and it was so good to be surrounded by old friends. Such a rich history of friendship we are cultivating. Lurve.

Disney Magic

Once upon a time, I had an annual pass to Disneyland/CA Adventures. I renewed that pass for a couple years. And then it became unaffordable.

The end. I know, sad story. But seriously, the passes now range from $279-$669 (and the $279 pass we all know is damn sucky), and the rates keep going up.

SO. This past Sunday was a SPECIAL day because my friend David, employee of Disney, signed me (+ some friends) in for free. My first time in several years… Hooray!

photo 2

D-land crew!

photo 1

Girlfriends 🙂

photo 3

Minnie mouse club

photo 5

My first time in Cars Land!

photo 4

Radiator Springs was such a cool ride…!

We went after church around 1pm and stayed ’til 10pm. It was such a perfect day– beautiful weather, empty-ish parks, minimal waiting-in-lines, and good food. I got to experience Cars Land and watch World of Color, both for the first time. Mind blown x 2. Disneyland is so magical!! It really never, ever gets old.

Okay, seriously though, I’m considering buying another annual pass. I didn’t realize how much I missed D-land until I was there, and I feel like my life has been all work and no play these days (albeit a lot of “fun” work…). Was it a sign that my tax return was sitting in my checking account when I checked it online this morning? WAS IT? IS IT??

We shall seee…

Inspiration Station

Made a mood board this weekend as step one of a special project I’m working on with an old friend I reconnected with after 10 years. Thanks Pinterest for 90% of the pics, you da you da best.


Clockwise from top left– images via: mini air plant pods // Wilder by Whittard // white kitchen + colorful rug // iPhone case // colorful cake // chips // cleansing bar // bottles

Can’t wait to share about the project once it’s time! It’s going to keep me busy for awhile but I’m so excited.

Happy Monday!

Random Rambles

I know we’re already 10 days into April, but have I mentioned how thankful I am that March is over? I didn’t even realize how crazy last month was, but it’s kind of summed up in these 2 very uncharacteristic-of-me incidents: 1) I forgot to pay rent until my landlord called me a couple days ago. Never once in 10 years have I forgotten to pay rent. 2) I turned in an occupational therapy report late to work. I have never turned in anything late to work… ever. EVER. I am pretty much blowing my own mind with these things. Who am I?!?!

All this to say that I was stretched very thin, but I feel like my life is slowly settling back into a routine. My Bramble Workshop internship is officially over, I’m starting to feel comfortable at my Oh Joy internship (and getting used to the fun commute to Hollywood), I’m back at Bar Method, and I’m trying to re-establish my social life. Hurray. Speaking of Oh Joy, everyone’s been asking how the internship’s been going so here’s the quick update. I passed my probation period, I’m brainstorming and DIY-ing nonstop during my 16 hours/week there, and I’m being challenged and stretched like crazy. The only downside to this amazing experience is that these days, because the position is so creatively demanding, I don’t want to do anything creative/DIY during my free time anymore. #creativedrain… didn’t think that was possible! (Sorry in advance for the lack of DIY posts for the time being, folks). Other than that (which really isn’t a complaint), I’m super thankful for this opportunity and I’m trying to make the most of my time there.

Sometimes when I think about what my life looks like now versus a year ago, I can’t even believe it. It’s unrecognizable, it really is. If present-me asked past-me what she thought future-me’s life would look like in a year, it definitely wouldn’t be… this. It would be the opposite of.. this. As much as I’ve loved all of the creative experiences I’ve had in the  past 7.5 months, I do miss financial stability (75% pay cut, anyone? No joke, folks) and everything that comes along with it (SHOPPING HOW I MISS THEE). I also miss being not-a-lowly-assistant-or-intern in everything I do, benefits and an abundance of paid time off, and even predictability/routine in my day-to-day life. Regardless, I’m doing all of *this* with the hopes that it will lead to something bigger and better in the creative world (eventually). Or who knows, maybe I’ll just go back into full-time OT. HAHA.

Only time will tell!