Lurvin’: Gold Sandals

Should I be posting something red, white, and blue, in honor of (almost) fourth of July?

No. Because gold trumps all. Always!

I’m on a quest to find the perfect gold sandal. Something casual and comfy that I can wear all summer! Kinda want all of these below…



1Banana Republic ($92) // 2- Kate Spade ($88.98) // 3Gap ($26.99) // 4Marc by Marc Jacobs ($179.97) // 5Ancient Greek Sandals ($185) // 6Salt Water Sandals ($36.95)

Happy early 4th! Hope y’all get to enjoy the 3 Fs tomorrow (friends/family, food, and fireworks). I’ll be working a wedding all day at the beautiful Calamigos Equestrian in Burbank. Hopefully some pictures next week!

Lurvin’: Rainbow Eucalyptus

How have I never seen/heard about this tree before? My friend posted a picture of a eucalyptus deglupta the other day (also known as the rainbow eucalyptus) on his Instagram, and I thought, “This can’t be real.”

So of course, I turned to trusty Google, which confirmed that yes indeed, this IS real life:


photo via here

From Wikipedia: “The unique multi-hued bark is the most distinctive feature of the tree. Patches of outer bark are shed annually at different times, showing a bright green inner bark. This then darkens and matures to give blue, purple, orange and then maroon tones.”




above 3 photos via here

So crazy beautiful– it’s like tree art! Apparently in the U.S., you can find them along the southern east and west coastlines, as well as southern Texas and Hawaii. LURVEEE.

Lurvin’: Oh Joy for Target

Happy Memorial Day! Thankful for those who gave their lives while serving our country, and also thankful for a day off from work! I’m headed to the OC later today for a BBQ with some friends, and I’ll be bringing my yummy 7-layer dip. 🙂

Did you guys check out Joy’s new summer collection at Target? It feels like just yesterday when her spring collection was out! Anyway, it launched yesterday, and I lurrrrve. It includes more party essentials/decor, but also picnic essentials, like a woven basket and the cutest condiment caddy. Here are some of my faves from the collection (photos via here):


picnic basket and picnic mat


tiffin box meal carrier


condiment caddy with four bottles


insulated soft cooler

I guess it’s a bit early but now that this collection is finally in stores (we actually received the samples of all the products at the studio in March/April!), I’m excited for Joy’s fall collection to come out… 😉 Hooray!


Lurvin’: The Bar Method

Oh, Bar. I started going to The Bar Method two years ago, when I bought a Daily Candy deal on a whim. I’m not really sure why, since prior to that, I truly believed that I was allergic to physical activity. Sweat? No thanks. But… the deal was insane ($55 for one month of unlimited classes), the studio was 2 seconds away from work, and I was tired of my uber-active mom yelling at me to exercise. 

My first class was on a Friday morning at 7:00am, before work. I had to wake up at 5:30am to get there on time. Extreme. It was the most grueling hour of my life, but at the end of it, I felt that elusive thing that people talk about. You know.. exercise endorphins. Also, sweatiness. I limped down the stairs (a cruel joke for the studio to be on the second floor), and dragged my ass back the next Monday at 7am, still sore. And Wednesday. And again on Friday. Four weeks and 12 classes later, I noticed changes in my body. Glimpses of the “sculpted arms, flat abs, lifted seat, long firm thighs” that Bar swears by.

Two years later, I’m still at it. There’s been a few periods of time when I’ve taken breaks (up to two months, even :X), but I always go back. Yes, it’s pricey, but every class still kicks my ass and I start feeling gross when I stop going. [Do you know what else makes me feel gross? This Haagen daaz sea salt caramel ice cream I’m eating out of the carton right now. But it also makes me feel good. #cantstopwontstop.] Anyway, for all you exercise-haters… I am a true testament to the fact that there is something out there for everyone. I’m glad that Bar is *it* for me, at least for now.

All pictures below from the Pasadena Bar website.


Inside the Pasadena studio (in Old Town), one of 66 locations in the U.S. Read about this history of Bar Method here.


I know, it looks really girly and easy and ballet-ish, but unfortunately… it’s not. Much of class is actually not spent at the barre, and it’s kind of a combination of pilates-yoga-ballet-intervaltraining-mildcardio-isometrics. I love that Bar consults with physical therapists to make every exercise safe, so there’s very little potential for injury, even if you’re working hard.


The dreaded “fold-over” exercise that involves lifting your leg up and down in 1″ movements. If you’re in right form, your legs and ass will start to burn within 10 seconds. And you WILL be in right form, because the instructors come around and (gently) correct you if you’re not.

If you’re curious about Bar, just Google it. There are hundreds of reviews via Yelp, and many, many articles and blog posts and ‘success’ stories. Just FYI, Ellie Kemper’s portrayal of Bar on Ellen is not the best (but how cute is she?).

Anyone want to join me for a class? 🙂 Aiming for 3x/week consistency this year, even with my weird crazy schedule. Huzzah!

Lurvin’: MUJI

I’m sure all of you LA folks are already aware of this, but the MUJI U.S. flagship store opened in Hollywood this past Saturday! My only time in a MUJI was in Korea, so I was excited about one opening nearby. Elizabeth from Flourish in Progress (remember her from this?) invited me to a press event the day before the grand opening, so we got to see/shop the store a day early (without the crowds and with a discount!). Thanks, E. 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

They gave us free tote bags (pictured right) and a free planner. I think they offered the same to the first 1000 customers the next day as well! Hurray for free.

Processed with VSCOcam

Cosmetics + skin care. MUJI has the world’s best skinny Q-tips that are perfect for makeup detailing/fixing (which I originally found out about from makeup artist Renee at Beauty Makeup Studio).

Processed with VSCOcam

The meticulous organization… it pleases me so. As does the simplicity in design. And the neutral colors. And… okay I’ll stop.

Processed with VSCOcam

E, lookin’ cute in front of shower/bathroom essentials.

Processed with VSCOcam

These wooden utensils are from the line Found MUJI, which no other store in the U.S. carries– the line features “items from around the world, re-discovered and renewed by MUJI, to represent the roots and philosophy of our products.”

Processed with VSCOcam

Kitchenware galore

Processed with VSCOcam

More kitchenware + storage.

Processed with VSCOcam

Figured this post needed a pop of color. Hexagonal water-based ink double-ended pen… is the official name of these pens.

Other than the stuff pictured above, MUJI also sells furniture, travel items, food (the first MUJI in the U.S. to do so), and clothing (50% off all clothing right now!). The store is huge and definitely worth checking out. Prices can be a little steep depending on the item, but you’re paying for the quality and minimalist-but-functional design.

Parking is a bit of a pain– there’s an underground structure, shared with stores like CVS and Fresh & Easy, and it offers one hour free parking with validation. Anything longer, and it’s $8 (yuck). Nevertheless, worth checking out, perhaps for some last minute Christmas shopping? 🙂

7021 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

Lurvin’: Japanese Goodies

My friends Jason and Fara recently came back from a trip to Japan with a few goodies as a gift. Not that we all don’t know that Japan has some of the cutest gadgets and stationary and toys and paper etc…. but I had to share anyway.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

They packaged everything in the cutest kraft paper polka dot box. Included– washi tape, edamame keychain (actually gifted from a prior trip to Japan, but whatevs), a “cleaner-upper” gadget, alphabet stamps, and my fave, flavored kit-kats!

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

This toy/gadget is so random slash cute. You can roll it across a flat surface (like your desk) to pick up crumbs (probably eraser crumbs, or if you’re me, kit-kat crumbs :X). As the wheels turn, the two tiny brooms rotate back and forth and sweep the crumbs into a compartment that can be emptied. Genius.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

The cutest gold polka dot washi tape + letter stamps. Knowing that this washi tape is actually from Japan makes it seem more legit. Polka dots err’where. I love it.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Um, how cute is this edamame keychain? The middle bean POPS OUT (it’s attached by a small cord). Ack, Japan. Too much.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Finally, flavored kit-kats! I know Japanese markets in LA sell flavors like green tea and strawberry, but Japan ain’t about those commonplace flavors. Pictured here: 1) zunda (crushed sweet edamame) mochi– a local dessert from Sendai in Tohoku– it’s regional so you can’t get it anywhere else!, 2) azuki (red bean) sandwich, 3) shinshu apple, and 4) pumpkin. My fave was the zunda– but of course, the one that’s hard to find, even in Japan. -_-

Thanks, J&F! 🙂

Lurvin: “Hood Goods”

As I mentioned in this post, I recently met Elizabeth of the blog Flourish in Progress at a makeup workshop. If ya’ll read her blog (which, if you don’t, please improve your Quality of Life and do; you’re welcome), you’re probably familiar with her self-describing phrase, “part hood, part good.” Having spent a few solid hours with her at lunch on Tuesday, I can see how these four words perfectly embody her “(t)hug life” (once again, her words, not mine).

E was sweet enough to gift me with these laser-engraved pencils (below), which are similar to the things she sells as part of her “HOOD GOODS” collection that she releases in limited quantities each month.

Processed with VSCOcam

I know many people go through their days without using wooden pencils, but working with kids for the past 4 years (and continuing to do so part-time right now), I use wooden pencils nearly err’day. Can’t wait to use these with my kiddos. And teach them these phrases. Of course, here are some other uses, as articulated by E for her original (sold out) set of Hood Good pencils:

“Perfect for writing down important information:
Bitches you want to holler at
Shit you need to do
Money you’ve loaned out at exorbitantly high rates”

I know. You’re sold. These specific pencils (the ones pictured above) aren’t for sale, but the original ones may be making a comeback next year. Her current Hood Goods for sale are these magnets:


She happened to have them in her purse and she pulled them out to show me.

E: “This one is my favorite.” (points to a magnet)
Me: “Aww I like that.. ‘Love always in all ways.'”
E: “Not that one, THIS ONE.” (points again)
Me: (Pause) *blinks* “Oh.”

Well, I guess “SHIT BITCH YOU IS FINE” can make someone say “aww” too.

Buy them here before they’re sold out.

Lurvin’: Raspberry Red

Hanging onto the last bits of summer with one of my favorite berry hues, raspberry red.


1– lip balm in heavenly berry– my current obsession! ($7.99)// 2- oval shelves (£130.0= ~$208)// 3– geometric pillow ($55)// 4– crossbody bag (on sale right now for $202)// 5– rollerball pen ($37)// 6– smartphone clutch ($56.95)// 7– x-bench ($799)

Lurvin’: Gold + Lucite

There’s seemingly tons of gold + lucite office inspiration on the internetz these days. Stapler or clip board, anyone? (See 2 compilation posts here & here). But here’s some general home decor eye candy, because you really can’t get enough of the pretty combo. And by you, I mean me.


1gold leather pouf ($275)// 2scented candle gift set ($120)// 3– vintage lucite & brass etagere ($1,995)// 4- chrome and lucite club chair ($2950)// 5- lucite letter A ($95)// 6- hand towel holder ($250)// modern clip lamp ($59)


Lurvin’: Hedgehogs


What is the difference between a hedgehog and a porcupine?


Apparently, everything. They’re really not alike at all except in the way they look. Except porcupines are like the ugly step-sisters of hedgehogs.

With that said, I saw the most adorbz measuring cups (see #4 below) at Anthropologie yesterday and came home to do a frantic Google search of hedgehog-themed decor (Note: ‘adorbz’ and ‘obvi’ are in the same teenage-girl-lingo category. And I will use them both liberally. You’ve been warned.). I searched for like an hour and felt like it was the hugest time suck, minus the 4 hours I was on Pinterest after that, but whatevs. Here. YOU’RE WELCOME:


1kipik toothpick holder ($25)//  2decoylab hedgehog clock ($56)// 3hedgehog door stop ($40.95)// 4- measuring hedgies ($36)// 5plush hedgehog ($4.99)// 6hedgehog lamp ($123)// 7mini box pouch ($18)

Happy hedgehogging! Or hedging. Maybe just hogging.

EDIT: Apparently Design*Sponge, who’s like the internet god of design/decor/anythingbeautifulinthisworld, did a similar post (except 4802x better) 4 months ago. FOUR MONTHS AGO. I should just shut down this blog *quiet sobs.*