Everly SS14 Lookbook

[This is a scheduled post… I’m at WWD Magic all week!]

Hot off the press– Everly’s SS14 lookbook! Check out some of the images below (via here).







If you happen to be at WWD Magic starting tomorrow (Feb. 18-20), you’ll get to see the entire collection in person! I’ve been working super hard (alongside Everly founders Fabe & Adri) to coordinate the show and I’m super nervous and excited to see it all come together.

Booth #70101… come say hi. 🙂


Wanderlust, Paris edition… my favorite city in the world. A few photographs from my 3 week trip in 2006.

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Equal parts creepy and cool– face installation at the Luxembourg Gardens

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Equal parts creepy and reverent– inside St. Chapelle Church

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Sunlight and stoplights

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A quiet moment in greenery

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Just……… sigh.

Korea Shopping Haul

[My last Korea post, I promise!]

Considering my current employment state, I was pretty conservative with my shopping in Korea. Which was difficult, because the second you arrive, you’re inundated with malls and boutiques and underground subway shops and swap meets. EVERYWHERE. It’s kind of ridiculous. And (mostly) so very cheap, as long as you stay away from all the imported goods. Some goodies I brought home (for myself or as gifts!):

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Delicate gold rings and bracelets. I saw this type of jewelry being sold everywhere by street vendors and boutiques at varying prices [the cheapest going down to ~$5/ring or bracelet (!!!) if you bargain], but overall, they were a FRACTION of the price they’d be in the U.S. Aren’t the rings super Catbird-esque? Lurve. I think these were all from Garosugil, a super popular/trendy shopping strip in Sinsadong.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Cute/kitschy earrings from Hongdae (college town), grosgrain ribbon (triple the yardage of the spools sold at Joann’s for less than $3/spool!) from Namdaemun (a traditional marketplace), kraft paper labels (from Daiso, which has way better stuff than the Daisos in LA -_-), bird book tabs (from Hongdae), and a teal iPhone flip case (from a street vendor in Gangnam).

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Socks. Socks in Korea range from $0.50-$2.00/pair, depending on where you buy (the cheapest being the “shijangs”– street markets). They come in tons of different prints (weird/cute/goofy) and the quality is awesome. The longer socks on the left were from Hongdae, the shorter ones from Namdaemun.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Prescription sunglasses and glasses from Namdaemun. Also a FRACTION of the prices of glasses in the states. Frames + double-compressed lenses (I’m nearly blind) were about $50-$80 each after bargaining… though if your eyes aren’t as bad (i.e. your lenses don’t need to be compressed) and you choose cheaper frames, they can be even less than that– $30?. Also a few leather wallet/pouches from A-Land in Myeongdong for gifts, and a rad keychain for a friend from a boutique in Hongdae. Fun fact: Myeongdong is listed as the ninth most expensive shopping street in the world!

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Skincare products! It’s a pretty undisputed fact that Korea has some of the best skincare and beauty products in the world. Marie Claire says South Korea is about 12 years ahead of the U.S. in terms of technology (read: innovative products) and the average Korean woman uses 18 (!!!!) skincare products a day. Anyway, I bought a bunch of things from Innisfree, which is a popular brand that boasts all natural ingredients– kind of like the Origins of Korea. What I actually purchased is pictured on the left (along with 3 other products, not pictured), and the picture on the right is all the free samples they gave me for my ‘big’ purchase! Insane, right? Can’t wait to try them all. 

I also bought some clothes and a pair of cute ankle boots, which completed my shopping wish list. I think I did well. And now I have a good idea of where to shop the next time I visit. 😉

Thanks for keeping up with my Korea posts! I’m all done. 🙂

Tina Made Over

Remember my friend Renee? You know, from Beauty Makeup Studio, the one from whom I took a private makeup lesson earlier this year. Well, this past Saturday, she held her first ever makeup workshop, in collaboration with Cathy of Chic to Chic Weddings. It was SO.MUCH.FUN.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

The workshop was held in the heart of Hollywood at Studio 1444, a photography/film production facility. The venue itself has an amazing history behind it (read at the link) and it was the perfect space for makeupping, with tons of natural light streaming through + the awesome white interior.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

The workshop was capped at 6 people and was slated for 1-4pm. Cathy set up a beautiful and delicious table of snacks + moscato so we could mingle and munch before (well… and during.. and after) the lesson.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Loved the yellow+black+white color scheme! And the cupcakes from Big Man Bakes were freakin’ delicious.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Left: Renee all set up and ready to go! Each place setting had a ginormous mirror, a cup of brushes, Nars bronzer in Laguna, Mac eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown, Cathycat eyebrow pencil in grey-brown, a folder of Renee’s notes (+ space for attendees to take notes), and a delicious macaron from ‘lette.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Left: How cute is this candid?! Right: Cathy hung up these adorbz chandeliers as part of the decor.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Left: Because an event isn’t an event without Instagram to prove it #beautymakeupstudio. Right: In the foreground, the macaron (have you TRIED the salted caramel flavor? I die), and in the background, place cards.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

The workshop itself covered highlighting, contouring, eyebrows (which was the hardest and the longest), and false eyelash application. It doesn’t sound like much, but it was a TON of information and we used up the entire 3 hours. Future workshops to cover other topics.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Left: Yes, that is a scary-ass face but was a super helpful take-home– it gives info about highlighting/contouring. Right: Renee demonstrated “how to” on different students, and had us practice on our own faces as she walked around and gave lots of constructive feedback to each person. Aside from the makeup/tools already at the table, Renee had foundation, concealer, makeup remover, eyelash glue, etc. on hand at various parts of our lesson.

Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Practicing our new skillzz. The 3 hours flew by, and we all had a blast meeting new girls (including Elizabeth, on the far left–from Flourish in Progress— my new favorite blog).

We all left Studio 1444 as prettier versions of ourselves, which I guess is a good sign of a successful makeup workshop.

To be in the know about Renee’s future workshops (and to see some of her other work), follow her on Instagram.

Renee IG: renito
Chic to Chic Weddings IG: chictochicweddings
My IG (I feel left out): tina_made_it
Elizabeth IG (aw what the heck, just call me fangirl): flourishinprogress

Tina Made Up

What’s your morning makeup routine? A few months ago I took a private makeup lesson from my friend Renee at Beauty Makeup Studio and she revolutionized the way I apply my makeup. (Read my extensive Yelp review here for what the lesson entailed!). Here’s what I do for a fully made-up face:

image_1  image_3

[FACE] After moisturizing and applying sunblock to my face, I mix a tiny glob of Make Up For Ever’s (MUFE) HD Foundation in shade 125 (quarter pump) with an equal amount of MUFE’s Full Cover concealer in shade 5 (a shade/two lighter than my skin). I apply this to conceal redness, blemishes, and also highlight the face (apply wherever the light would naturally catch on your face). I learned that it’s really unnecessary to apply a full face of foundation/B.B. cream if you conceal correctly. I also use Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat in shade 2.5 (also a shade/two lighter than my skin) as an under-eye concealer, and carry this around for brightening throughout the day. Then, I ‘set’ my face with a super-duper light dusting of MUFE’s HD Powder.

  image_6  image

[FACE, cont.] Next, I apply Nars bronzer in the shade Laguna, and Nars blush in the shade Orgasm.
[EYEBROWS] I use Anastasia’s Brow Wiz in shade Soft Brown to lightly shape my eyebrows, and fill in with DuWop’s Browwow powder.
[EYES] I’ll also use Browwow as an eyeshadow (it’s a taupe shade) to add some depth to the eyes.

  image_2  photo

[EYES, cont.] Night-look: If I’m going out or feeling ambitious, I’ll add some type of creamy eyeliner (pictured: Rimmel Scandaleyes in Guilty Grey, Urban Decays 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Bourbon;  Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil in Forest Green) blended out with a shimmer eyeshadow from Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette.
[EYELASHES] Finally, I curl my eyelashes with the Shiseido curler (though after this one breaks I’m going back to Shu Uemura’s, which fits my eye shape better) and add a coat of Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara (which I bought after trying out Sephora’s birthday sample this year). My go-to mascara is Estee Lauder’s Double Wear but I like this Benefit one too.

Final look pictured in my bio picture here. It’s tough work applying makeup to make yourself look like you’re not wearing much at all. The whole process takes about 20 minutes– is this long or short?? Do share. 🙂

PS- If you’re like me and never ‘properly’ learned how to apply makeup, a private lesson like the one I took is HIGHLY recommended. Though makeup seems like one of those things you just “figure out” over time, in actuality there are so many tricks and techniques the average person doesn’t know– they can completely change your look (for the better!). Anyway, if you want to consider a lesson, check out Renee’s portfolio here and her website here— she’s amazeballs and worth every penny.