I made it.

One year of consistently blogging twice a week. One hundred twelve posts.


When I wrote my first post, I was nervous as all hell to commit to this blog, even though it was really just a passion project (and should, in theory, be easy and fun- HA).

A few months in, I felt conflicting feelings about blogging, but I committed to posting ’til the year was up.

Well. Here I am. In the last couple of months, this blog has turned more personal and less DIY (Tina Made… Nothing), but I think that’s okay too. Like everything else in my life, the intense creative itch comes in waves, and now is not that time.

Does this blog still bring me joy? Mostly yes.
Do I want to continue? Mostly yes.
Twice a week on a schedule? Not really.

I’m really, really proud of myself for sticking this through, even when it was no fun, even when I had to rack my brain just to post something mediocre… because I love when I finish a project to completion. Will I continue this blog? Probably. I’m going to try and let go of this twice-a-week-scheduled-posting-thing though, and let it be more organic. Which may mean a dramatic decrease in posts, but who knows?

All I know is that… I made it.

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