Random Rambles

I know we’re already 10 days into April, but have I mentioned how thankful I am that March is over? I didn’t even realize how crazy last month was, but it’s kind of summed up in these 2 very uncharacteristic-of-me incidents: 1) I forgot to pay rent until my landlord called me a couple days ago. Never once in 10 years have I forgotten to pay rent. 2) I turned in an occupational therapy report late to work. I have never turned in anything late to work… ever. EVER. I am pretty much blowing my own mind with these things. Who am I?!?!

All this to say that I was stretched very thin, but I feel like my life is slowly settling back into a routine. My Bramble Workshop internship is officially over, I’m starting to feel comfortable at my Oh Joy internship (and getting used to the fun commute to Hollywood), I’m back at Bar Method, and I’m trying to re-establish my social life. Hurray. Speaking of Oh Joy, everyone’s been asking how the internship’s been going so here’s the quick update. I passed my probation period, I’m brainstorming and DIY-ing nonstop during my 16 hours/week there, and I’m being challenged and stretched like crazy. The only downside to this amazing experience is that these days, because the position is so creatively demanding, I don’t want to do anything creative/DIY during my free time anymore. #creativedrain… didn’t think that was possible! (Sorry in advance for the lack of DIY posts for the time being, folks). Other than that (which really isn’t a complaint), I’m super thankful for this opportunity and I’m trying to make the most of my time there.

Sometimes when I think about what my life looks like now versus a year ago, I can’t even believe it. It’s unrecognizable, it really is. If present-me asked past-me what she thought future-me’s life would look like in a year, it definitely wouldn’t be… this. It would be the opposite of.. this. As much as I’ve loved all of the creative experiences I’ve had in the  past 7.5 months, I do miss financial stability (75% pay cut, anyone? No joke, folks) and everything that comes along with it (SHOPPING HOW I MISS THEE). I also miss being not-a-lowly-assistant-or-intern in everything I do, benefits and an abundance of paid time off, and even predictability/routine in my day-to-day life. Regardless, I’m doing all of *this* with the hopes that it will lead to something bigger and better in the creative world (eventually). Or who knows, maybe I’ll just go back into full-time OT. HAHA.

Only time will tell!