The Good (Oh Joy!) and the Bad

Some good and bad news.

Shall I start with the bad?

Jessica of Bramble Workshop is moving up to Portland in a few weeks, which means my internship is ending! D: WAH. It’s been an amazing 4 months of assisting her with various projects and I am so thankful to have had the chance to work with her. I am so so sad she’s leaving, but we’re going to try and still work together (she’s still taking LA projects, folks), whatever that may look like! Portland is gaining a huge creative asset and LA is losing a gem, but I’m excited to see what the Pacific Northwest has in store for her. Onward, ho!

photo 1-4  photo 2-4

Pictures (via Smilebooth) are from the first thing we did together when I started– attend an industry holiday party. 😉 We’re not so good at the photo booth thing.

And the good news.

Last week, I interviewed for and got hired as an intern for Oh Joy!, which happens to be my favorite blog of all time. Even though I’m thrilled beyond all belief (!!!!!!!), I hesitate to say toooo much, lest I jinx my probation period, which is over in a couple weeks. I started last Friday, and it’s already been very creatively “stretching”– I anticipate learning and growing a lot, so am hoping for the best in the upcoming months.

As one internship ends, I start another, and thus begin yet another creative endeavor– exciting! Also, last week, I got hired as a freelancer for a third events company (ack!), and will be starting with them in May. Keeping busy for sure (and thus compromising my social life a bit… sorry friends D:), but I know this craziness won’t last forever (every month of my life is so different these days!), so I’m embracing it and trying not to go nuts.

Have a great week, everyone… and go to your local Target to check out Joy’s new party line (Oh Joy for Target) that launched yesterday– tons of amazing/affordable party-ware!


Photo via Oh Joy!— check out the rest of the alphabet here, styled from the line

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