The Cream

As promised, some pictures from The Cream! It’s basically a huge showcase of vendors related to anything wedding: designers/planners, florists, musicians, photographers, videographers, bar/drinks, cakes/sweets, papergoods, accessories/dress/beauty, caterers, photobooths, rentals/blogs, lighting, andddd miscellaneous. WHEW. 900 tickets sold out!

My friend and I arrived at The Cream at 4:50pm (event started at 5pm) and the line was already down the block and around the corner! Yikes. But I knew it was gonna be a good night when I ordered fruit from the fruit vendor outside the doors of the venue (you know, the cart that has pineapples and mangos and chili lime powder and whatnot), and when I took out my wallet to pay, the dude said it was FREE! [[Well. I technically paid $50 for that ish because of the entry fee but STILL.]] And then, as we walked in, they gave us a cream puff. And it was delicious.

Sorry in advance for the picture quality– iPhone + very poor lighting inside + people swarming around = not conducive to great photography.

photo 5

Can we just start with this amazing space from Pow Wow Design Studio? It was right at the entrance of the Book Bindery, and my jaw just dropped at all the detailed crafting.

photo 2

UM the chandelier and giant macrame hanging? Perfection.

photo 1

Room Forty catering. I don’t remember what I ate. Just that it was delicious. PS- All the florals in the space were amazinggg. There were 8 florists (check them out here) and they kinda just killed it.

photo 1

This cozy pop-up tent space by Shelter Co. Everyone go check out their website and then let’s all plan a “camping” trip together okay?

photo 5

Sweet Emilia JaneSweet Marie Designs…!

photo 2


photo 4

Are you tired of looking at flowers yet? Yeah, me neither.

photo 2

This picnic set-up next to the tent (also from Shelter Co.) and florals by Brown Paper Design— lurve.

All of the above was in the first of two rooms of the venue (plus a few not pictured, including a vendor who was passing out mini churros and hot chocolate– best). I was already thoroughly impressed and in awe, and then we walked into the next room– and the space was like 5x the size. Ack. And thennnn I nearly shut down from sensory overload.

photo 1

Green Wedding Shoes designed one of my favorite spaces in the second room…

photo 4

Seriously, this wall was probably photographed 900 times (once by each guest).

photo 4

Drawers filled with flowers in the prettiest shades of pink. Genius.

photo 5

Earl grey ice cream from Sweet Lucie’s (with a surprise brownie from Sweet & Saucy Shop inside!). After this (plus sampling Hungry Bear Catering), I had to forgo Sprinkles, Bon PufKogi BBQ, Little Nelly Catering, Pharmacie (drinks), Ludlows (vegan/organic jelly shots– only in LA), and the Paella Project…. lest I hurl. Sad.

photo 1

This looked so delicious. Paella Project made 4 paellas throughout the night– organic green veggie, seafood, mediterranean, and shortrib.

photo 4

Grey Likes had a live calligraphy station!! Best idea ever.

photo 1

So beautiful. And so excited for the calligraphy workshop I’m attending in a few weeks.

photo 4

Kind of random, but Beach Cities Bag Toss had a cute space. I threw a bean bag. And it actually landed in the hole. Miracles do happen, folks.

photo 2

The 100 Layer Cake station was ridiculously popular with their DIY necklaces.

photo 3

This empty dance floor turned corayyyyzee later in the night. There was an epic dance contest, with the prize being a 6-night stay in the Dominican Republic.

photo 1  photo 2

Left: Fabe & Adri (the Everly girls) with their organic Bon Puf cotton candy (flavors included Rose and Mango Chili). Right: We’re ALL Everly girls now ;). PS- I was sorely underdressed. The Cream was like a fashion show.

I know that was picture-overload, but it was seriously a small sampling of what was at The Cream. Also notable– manicure station from Olive & June, makeovers from Bare Minerals, several photobooths, and a pop-up store from Urbanic.

Overall a great first experience, definitely overwhelming but creatively inspiring. (Also, pretty much a groom’s worst nightmare). Anyone wanna go next year? 😉


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