Tina Made Appliqued Onesies

Has it come to this?

Yes. Yes it has. I am now spending the little free time I have making baby DIYs because apparently many friends are now in the life stage of…. having babies. I don’t know how this happened, but my bff from high school, my bff from college, and my bff from grad school…. are all pregnant right now.


Anyway. Ignore my existential crisis because hot damn, these baby onesies came out cute, if I must say. I gave them to my friend Pri, whose baby shower I attended this past Saturday. Tutorial and templates (bird, giraffe, elephant) from here; heart template free-handed. I bought a pack of four Carter’s brand onesies from Target, and all fabric swatches were from scraps I had.




  1. Iron Wonder-Under (fusible interfacing) onto fabric (both large enough to fit your template of choice).
  2. Trace your template onto the back of the Wonder-Under (which should now be fused to your fabric).
  3. Cut out your shape.
  4. Peel the backing off the Wonder-Under.
  5. Place your fabric shape onto the onesie and iron.
  6. Top stitch around the edge of your shape.


Better than the onesies was the packaging though– will save that for another post!

Calligraphy Workshop

Last Saturday, I took a calligraphy workshop taught by Jenna Rainey of Monvoir and hosted by Oh, Hello Friend in Fullerton. I recently tried to teach myself and I gave up after one day, so obviously I needed some help learning.

photo 1

The workshop was 2 hours and the $75 fee included supplies (ink, penholder, nib, practice paper, alphabet template) and snacks.

photo 3  photo 2

Left: Jenna’s alphabet (copyrighted, btw). Right: Cute wall decor at the Oh, Hello Friend studio

1395519198.055068.IMG_5971  photo 5

First we learned technique, then we practiced various strokes, then we traced, and finally, we practiced our own lettering (photo above right obviously traced).

Calligraphy is a lot harder than it looks (for me, I feel like the lettering is harder than the actual technique!), but I’m excited to practice. Buying more paper tomorrow… wish me luck!

Life Lately

Last Thursday, Jessica (from Bramble Workshop) and I went on a field trip. We walked around LA visiting a bunch of cool stores (and oh, there are so many), got inspired, and enjoyed the perfect weather.

photo 3

First stop: CHAY. We both fell in love with this store…!

photo 1

Ack. Lurrrrve all this gold. For more pictures of the store, check out designlovefest‘s post of CHAY from last week, all floral-ed out by Moon Canyon Design)

photo 4

Third stop (second stop was the OK Store) was RTH. Upcycled robots + cement lightbulbs.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Chair made out of horseshoes. People are creative.

photo 2

Perfect weather!

Today’s my last day working with Jessica. 😦 We’re still trying to figure out how we’ll continue to work together though, and she’ll be back in LA often enough for projects, so I guess it’s less a good-bye and more a see-you-later…!

A few pictures from our latest photo shoot for another DIY for designlovefest— a gorgeous amethyst mirror. I painted my nails for this one… -_- (too bad there’s nothing I can do about my veiny hands).





Photos above by Brittany Wood. And a few behind-the-scenes pictures…

photo 2

Brittany and Jessica setting up

photo 1

Oops my chicken legs.

Finally, a few pictures of my first project with Oh Joy— a photo shoot for a DIY table runner with Joy’s gold confetti from her Target line. It was literally the first thing I did when I walked through her studio doors on the first day of my internship. Is hand modeling in my future? Ha. Photos by Casey Brodley.




That’s all for now, folks. It’s been go-go-go and it’s gonna be another busy week. Let’s do this.

Tina Made an Insulated Casserole Carrier

I made this project a few times in the last few years but never posted pictures! I used this tutorial (with a few changes as suggested here) and it’s definitely a more complicated sewing project (takes ~5 hours from start to finish). It carries a Pyrex 9″x13″ baking/casserole dish and I’ve given them as bridal shower gifts– include the Pyrex in the carrier, and put some kitchen goodies inside (or lingerie, I suppose).









I really need to get back on the sewing machine……. so many projects bookmarked, so little time!

The Good (Oh Joy!) and the Bad

Some good and bad news.

Shall I start with the bad?

Jessica of Bramble Workshop is moving up to Portland in a few weeks, which means my internship is ending! D: WAH. It’s been an amazing 4 months of assisting her with various projects and I am so thankful to have had the chance to work with her. I am so so sad she’s leaving, but we’re going to try and still work together (she’s still taking LA projects, folks), whatever that may look like! Portland is gaining a huge creative asset and LA is losing a gem, but I’m excited to see what the Pacific Northwest has in store for her. Onward, ho!

photo 1-4  photo 2-4

Pictures (via Smilebooth) are from the first thing we did together when I started– attend an industry holiday party. 😉 We’re not so good at the photo booth thing.

And the good news.

Last week, I interviewed for and got hired as an intern for Oh Joy!, which happens to be my favorite blog of all time. Even though I’m thrilled beyond all belief (!!!!!!!), I hesitate to say toooo much, lest I jinx my probation period, which is over in a couple weeks. I started last Friday, and it’s already been very creatively “stretching”– I anticipate learning and growing a lot, so am hoping for the best in the upcoming months.

As one internship ends, I start another, and thus begin yet another creative endeavor– exciting! Also, last week, I got hired as a freelancer for a third events company (ack!), and will be starting with them in May. Keeping busy for sure (and thus compromising my social life a bit… sorry friends D:), but I know this craziness won’t last forever (every month of my life is so different these days!), so I’m embracing it and trying not to go nuts.

Have a great week, everyone… and go to your local Target to check out Joy’s new party line (Oh Joy for Target) that launched yesterday– tons of amazing/affordable party-ware!


Photo via Oh Joy!— check out the rest of the alphabet here, styled from the line

The Cream

As promised, some pictures from The Cream! It’s basically a huge showcase of vendors related to anything wedding: designers/planners, florists, musicians, photographers, videographers, bar/drinks, cakes/sweets, papergoods, accessories/dress/beauty, caterers, photobooths, rentals/blogs, lighting, andddd miscellaneous. WHEW. 900 tickets sold out!

My friend and I arrived at The Cream at 4:50pm (event started at 5pm) and the line was already down the block and around the corner! Yikes. But I knew it was gonna be a good night when I ordered fruit from the fruit vendor outside the doors of the venue (you know, the cart that has pineapples and mangos and chili lime powder and whatnot), and when I took out my wallet to pay, the dude said it was FREE! [[Well. I technically paid $50 for that ish because of the entry fee but STILL.]] And then, as we walked in, they gave us a cream puff. And it was delicious.

Sorry in advance for the picture quality– iPhone + very poor lighting inside + people swarming around = not conducive to great photography.

photo 5

Can we just start with this amazing space from Pow Wow Design Studio? It was right at the entrance of the Book Bindery, and my jaw just dropped at all the detailed crafting.

photo 2

UM the chandelier and giant macrame hanging? Perfection.

photo 1

Room Forty catering. I don’t remember what I ate. Just that it was delicious. PS- All the florals in the space were amazinggg. There were 8 florists (check them out here) and they kinda just killed it.

photo 1

This cozy pop-up tent space by Shelter Co. Everyone go check out their website and then let’s all plan a “camping” trip together okay?

photo 5

Sweet Emilia JaneSweet Marie Designs…!

photo 2


photo 4

Are you tired of looking at flowers yet? Yeah, me neither.

photo 2

This picnic set-up next to the tent (also from Shelter Co.) and florals by Brown Paper Design— lurve.

All of the above was in the first of two rooms of the venue (plus a few not pictured, including a vendor who was passing out mini churros and hot chocolate– best). I was already thoroughly impressed and in awe, and then we walked into the next room– and the space was like 5x the size. Ack. And thennnn I nearly shut down from sensory overload.

photo 1

Green Wedding Shoes designed one of my favorite spaces in the second room…

photo 4

Seriously, this wall was probably photographed 900 times (once by each guest).

photo 4

Drawers filled with flowers in the prettiest shades of pink. Genius.

photo 5

Earl grey ice cream from Sweet Lucie’s (with a surprise brownie from Sweet & Saucy Shop inside!). After this (plus sampling Hungry Bear Catering), I had to forgo Sprinkles, Bon PufKogi BBQ, Little Nelly Catering, Pharmacie (drinks), Ludlows (vegan/organic jelly shots– only in LA), and the Paella Project…. lest I hurl. Sad.

photo 1

This looked so delicious. Paella Project made 4 paellas throughout the night– organic green veggie, seafood, mediterranean, and shortrib.

photo 4

Grey Likes had a live calligraphy station!! Best idea ever.

photo 1

So beautiful. And so excited for the calligraphy workshop I’m attending in a few weeks.

photo 4

Kind of random, but Beach Cities Bag Toss had a cute space. I threw a bean bag. And it actually landed in the hole. Miracles do happen, folks.

photo 2

The 100 Layer Cake station was ridiculously popular with their DIY necklaces.

photo 3

This empty dance floor turned corayyyyzee later in the night. There was an epic dance contest, with the prize being a 6-night stay in the Dominican Republic.

photo 1  photo 2

Left: Fabe & Adri (the Everly girls) with their organic Bon Puf cotton candy (flavors included Rose and Mango Chili). Right: We’re ALL Everly girls now ;). PS- I was sorely underdressed. The Cream was like a fashion show.

I know that was picture-overload, but it was seriously a small sampling of what was at The Cream. Also notable– manicure station from Olive & June, makeovers from Bare Minerals, several photobooths, and a pop-up store from Urbanic.

Overall a great first experience, definitely overwhelming but creatively inspiring. (Also, pretty much a groom’s worst nightmare). Anyone wanna go next year? 😉

A Dallop of Cream (a preview!)

You guys. After being completely out of commission for the last 2 weeks with the flu, I’m finally starting to feel better, and I am so glad my body decided to cooperate just in time for THE CREAM.

LA folks– did you go? It was my first time, and my mind was kind of blown.


I’ll write a full post on Thursday about the craziness that was last night (check out the list of vendors here), but here’s my last picture of the night:


A tote, my necklace from 100 Layer Cake‘s DIY station, calligraphy lettering by Mon Voir (hosted by Grey Likes Weddings), a bracelet from Beach Cities Bag Toss, and a flipbook that my friend Karen and I made from Flipbooth.

PS- Total coincidence– I signed up for Oh Hello Friend‘s calligraphy workshop (coming up in a few weeks!) several days ago, and it’s being taught by Mon Voir! EXTRA EXCITED NOW.

Tell ya’ all about The Cream once my brain and body recover (sensory overload + flu remnants). ‘Til then, check out #thecreamevent on Instagram– over 2500 hash-tagged pictures and counting…!

Happy Monday!

Bramble Workshop x designlovefest: DIY Wall Hangings

Designlovefest published another Bramble Workshop DIY this past Monday and I thought I’d share some pictures. Jessica made these pretty wall hangings made out of copper and yarn and we shot the pictures the same day as the dip-dye placemats (so yes, more hand modeling for me… ha!). Photographs by Brittany Wood; see the rest here.






And here are some behind the scenes shots:

Processed with VSCOcam

Prepping all the materials for the shoot

photo 3 copy 4  Processed with VSCOcam

Above left: Promise I’m not pissed.. just focusing intensely on keeping my hands as still as possible while straightening out that copper wire. Above right: Yup… shooting the placemats at the same time. 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam

Closeup of the copper coupling

Processed with VSCOcam

Brittany working her skillzz. What a dreamy studio with the best light.

There’s another Bramble Workshop for designlovefest photo shoot coming up soon so look out for more DIYs in the next few weeks!

Whale of a Week

Is it already Monday?! This past week and weekend flew by in a blurrr. Early last week, the Everly girls asked me to coordinate their oldest sister’s baby shower (this past Saturday) so it was a week of late nights, crazed DIY-ing, and multiple Joanns/Michaels/Target/Party City runs. I planned the whole thing from start to finish in four days. FOUR days! I hope it’s a record I will never have to beat. It felt extra crazy because I got sick and felt progressively worse throughout the week. Eeeep.

Hopefully I’ll post some detail shots (from a reeeeal camera) soon, but for now, here’s a picture of the dessert table. 🙂 It was whale/ocean-themed so we stuck with shades of mint and light blue, and of course, cute whale motifs. 

photo 1

cake from Cakery Bakery, cupcakes from Dots, watercolor banner by Jason of Onigiri Everyday

After Saturday morning’s shower, I freelanced with the Zoie Events team for an event at the El Rey Theater. Kind of random but it was a surprise 75th bar mitzvah-themed birthday extravaganza. I was slated to work from 3pm-1am, but I must have sneezed one too many times, because halfway through, I got sent home sick. :X Ack. I felt bad but also equally thankful…!

photo 3

photo 2

Outside the El Rey. The family put a lot of love into this huge event– hopefully the guest of honor was truly surprised!

Now that I have the full-blown flu, I’m really looking forward to a (hopefully) chill week of recovery. Have a great week!