Will Tina Make It?

This blog is 4 months old, and I’ve been asked this question frequently since I launched it: “So… are you trying to ‘make it’ with your blog?” Okay, maybe not in those exact words (I just like the pun), but it’s basically what people are asking me when they want to know about my ‘future’ plans with it.

The short answer is No. And the long…

I started this blog in July as a “passion project.” Technically, it was a few months prior to that, but it took me awhile to get the nerve to start publicly releasing my posts. As mentioned here, I just really needed a creative outlet with all the stress I was under at my previous job, and I’m genuinely happiest in life when I’m crafting/DIY-ing and whatnot. Blogging was just a fun way to document all of that.

Even though it’s only been 4 months, this blog has already brought me a lot of joy AND stress. Joy because.. well.. it’s required me to consistently be in some sort of creative zone (in the past, laziness often overcame my desire to ‘create,’ as well as the resulting joy I knew that would ensue). Also, joy because I’ve received a great deal of affirmation from various people who, for some crazy reason, say they enjoy my blog and encourage me to continue.┬áStress because damn, blogging is HARD. I had no idea. The amount of time, energy, and sometimes money that goes into regularly posting is not obvious, but it’s pretty ridiculous. There have been so many times I’ve wondered, “Why am I doing this again…?” and I need to remind myself that this is supposed to be fun, and I’m choosing to do this.

There are so many times when I’ve gotten discouraged because my content isn’t nearly up to par with those of “real” bloggers.┬áBut I realized I need to stop comparing myself to these bloggers who blog as a full-time job. Perfectly styled photo-shoots, amazing recipes, fancy DIYs, etc. etc.– what I was trying to keep up with is impossible– I’m doing this in my own free time and on my own dime, while many of those bloggers have staff, professional equipment, rented studio spaces, etc.

So I’ve committed to this blog for just One Year. Even though it’s been hard, I want to consistently post until July 2014, and if at that point, it still makes me happy and I genuinely want to continue it, I’ll decide that then. ‘Til then, no more pressure on myself to be at some certain blogging standard. No more outside influences or comparing. This blog is for me. And when I get to that point, I’ll say…