Lurvin: “Hood Goods”

As I mentioned in this post, I recently met Elizabeth of the blogĀ Flourish in Progress at a makeup workshop. If ya’ll read her blog (which, if you don’t, please improve your Quality of Life and do; you’re welcome), you’re probably familiar with her self-describing phrase, “part hood, part good.” Having spent a few solid hours with her at lunch on Tuesday, I can see how these four words perfectly embody her “(t)hug life” (once again, her words, not mine).

E was sweet enough to gift me with these laser-engraved pencils (below), which are similar to the things she sells as part of her “HOOD GOODS” collection that she releases in limited quantities each month.

Processed with VSCOcam

I know many people go through their days without using wooden pencils, but working with kids for the past 4 years (and continuing to do so part-time right now), I use wooden pencils nearly err’day. Can’t wait to use these with my kiddos. And teach them these phrases. Of course, here are some other uses, as articulated by E for her original (sold out) set of Hood Good pencils:

“Perfect for writing down important information:
Bitches you want to holler at
Shit you need to do
Money you’ve loaned out at exorbitantly high rates”

I know. You’re sold. These specific pencils (the ones pictured above) aren’t for sale, but the original ones may be making a comeback next year. Her current Hood Goods for sale are these magnets:


She happened to have them in her purse and she pulled them out to show me.

E: “This one is my favorite.” (points to a magnet)
Me: “Aww I like that.. ‘Love always in all ways.'”
E: “Not that one, THIS ONE.” (points again)
Me: (Pause) *blinks* “Oh.”

Well, I guess “SHIT BITCH YOU IS FINE” can make someone say “aww” too.

Buy them here before they’re sold out.