Wedding Weekend

My friend Grace got married this past weekend (her bridal shower here), and though exhausting (as being a bridesmaid always is), it was a ton of fun. She was a beautiful bride (her dress! like a princess!) and it was so good seeing her and her now-husband beaming the entire night.

I’ve been the designated historian for the last 10 years amongst my friends, but I totally failed this weekend by not charging my camera battery before the wedding. Oops. :X iPhone FTW!

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Grace’s beaded, blingy princess dress totally suited her personality. In the best possible way… heh.

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Sometimes unplanned/thoughtless candids end up being the best shots.

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Left: The best part about this classy, all-roses bouquet was that it wasn’t heavy. Right: *tear* We’ve come a long way.

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There was tons and tons of downtime, which was pretty awesome. Though hair/make-up was at 7:30am, after we were done, we had time to watch two movies at Grace’s apt., take pseudo naps (on our stomachs, gingerly resting our foreheads on our forearms), and just chill. The entire wedding party even went to Jack-in-the-Box an hour before the ceremony. One bridesmaid (to remain anonymous) wiped her fingers on her dress after eating chicken strips and ended up with grease stains. Hahaha.

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Grace was the opposite of bridezilla throughout the entire wedding planning process, as well as the day of, so I guess she kind of earned the right to act like a princess all day… a right which she thoroughly milked. 🙂

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Left: All of the bridesmaids; Right: Groom (2nd from left) + groomsmen, post-ceremony… who may or may not be carrying flasks in their hands (the venue only allowed wine & beer).

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Left: My closest girlfriends from college. We all lived in various roommate combinations during college/post-college. Right: Us with our closest guy friends. This month is our 10 year anniversary of meeting at UCLA. Time flies.

Congratulations, Grace + Ben! Wishing you a lifetime of patience, understanding, compassion, and communication (PUCC). 😉