On Work. Or Lack Thereof.

I… have been officially unemployed for one week. By choice. This fact alone does not mean much, but coupled with the fact that I have no job set in place for the future, this is personally HUGE! HUGE I tell you. My friend Kevin said in a recent email: “You + No Plans is not an equation I ever thought was possible. I feel like you’re one of the few people that I’ve always thought had everything planned out to the nth degree before you took any steps. Granted, there was like 8 levels of anxiety and waayyy too much over thinking, but you always had a plan. I’m excited for this Leap-of-Faith version of Tina.”

HOKAY buddy, you’ve taken it too far. 8 levels of anxiety? More like 3.5. Watch yo’self.

My Type-A, future-oriented personality is learning to live in the moment, breathe, and trust that everything will be okay. I’m letting myself rest for awhile before looking for a job. Or jobs, since my TENTATIVE plans (I can’t not have any. I just can’t. Leave me alone.) are to work part-time in OT and spend the rest of my time doing something creative, whether that just means personally, or as part of an internship/another part-time job. Ack. But who knows. (WHO? DO YOU? PLEASE. TELL ME.).

Anyway, a few pictures as a tribute to my last 4 years working for Pasadena USD…

photo 3  photo 4

My favorite part of my morning drive into Sierra Madre, whether sunny or cloudy….

photo 2 copy  photo 5

Tons of greenery, my fave. The picture on the right is of a Japanese garden and koi pond… ON THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CAMPUS at which I worked. I clearly went to the wrong school growing up.

photo 5 copy  photo 4 copy

Spent tons of time seeing kids in their classrooms or in my treatment room. Working with children keeps me young. Or maybe it makes me feel old. I don’t know.

photo 3 copy  vsco_0

After school, I went to the district’s OT/PT clinic and saw some more kiddos there. Looks like Chuck-E-Cheese’s, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. It was therapeutic.

photo 2  photo-2

Farewell flowers and well-wishes from the awesome staff and teachers at my school site.

More than anything, I’m really going to miss all the amazeballs people I had the privilege of working with, from the kids (some of whom I worked with twice weekly for 4 years!) to the teachers/staff to my OT colleagues to the collaborative parents to… you get the point.

Leaving a job is always bittersweet, but I’m very excited for this next chapter in my life.

Onward, ho.

3 thoughts on “On Work. Or Lack Thereof.

  1. Hooray I made it in to TMI!

    And I’m pretty sure ALL elementary schools have Koi Ponds now. Not quite sure why you thought that was a new thing or what kind of sick, sad non-koi-pond-having elementary school you went to…

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