Tina Made a Banner (+BS deets)

Well, more like paper bunting. But I already have a blog post titled ‘Tina Made Bunting,’ so that wasn’t gonna work out, now was it?

First, a couple of details from my friend Grace’s bridal shower:

photo 2  photo 1

Favors for the guests were tea cups from Daiso with a tea bag and some pretty paper shreddies (?) inside. Cups were bagged (clear plastic bags, also from Daiso) and tied with twine with a tag attached (printed on regular paper and mounted on pink scrapbook paper).

photo 3  photo 4

Prizes for the games were single-use face masks. These are a Korean brand (Koreans get it right when it comes to skincare, seriously) and I wrapped sets of 3 in kraft paper with a strip of floral scrapbook paper glued on.


And now, a quick paper banner/bunting tutorial!

photo 3 copy 2  photo 2 copy 2photo 5 copy  photo 2

1) Brown flags: Cut into 6″x5″ squares. Cut out a triangle from the bottom– measure half the width, so 2.5″ in from the sides, and 1.25″ in from the bottom. [see pictures 1 & 2, top left and right]

2) Ivory flags: Cut into same shape as brown flag, but 1/2″ smaller around the entire perimeter. Mount on brown flags using glue or mounting squares. [see picture 3, bottom left]

3) Letters: Printed from Microsoft Word, font Tw Cen MT in size 350. Cut out letters. Glue onto ivory flags. [see picture 4, bottom right]

4) Optional heart: Draw (freehanded or from stencil or use clip art) and cut. Glue onto ivory flag.

5) Hole punch (I used a 3/16″ Crop-a-dile punch) at the top of brown flags, about 1.25″ in from left and right sides. Weave twine through holes from back to front.

…..I almost bored myself to sleep typing that out. No more bunting for awhile. I promise.