A Friend’s BS

A friend’s….  bridal shower. How did you know?

My dear friend Grace is getting married in a couple of weeks so her BMs (if you guess ‘bowel movements’ for this one you may be 0/2… fail) threw her a simple (albeit lovely!) bridal shower last Saturday. We rented out the clubhouse of her sister’s townhouse and kept it budget-friendly… maybe mostly for my sake ha ha…. ha. -_- As per usual for such affairs, I volunteered to do decorations/favors, which, despite the hands-on work it entails, I very much enjoy doing. A banner tutorial/a few extra shower details coming in tomorrow’s post!

photo 2 copy 3  photo 2 copy

Decorations included a couple of banners, tons of colorful flowers in mason jars, some tissue poms (recycled from my sister’s bridal shower), and an underwear line. Pictured on the right is Grace, the almost-bride. Friends for 10 years and counting…!

photo 1 copy 3  photo 1 copy 2

Our friend Prisca made PB&J bars and sugar cookies. I added a few long toothpicks with scrapbook paper flags glued to the top for a little pizazz. Lunch (not pictured) was catered from The Loft, a Hawaiian restaurant in Torrance.

photo 3 copy 2  photo 1 copy

We asked guests to each bring one underwear that reflects their personality. Hanging them from twine + clothespins added instant color and decoration. Score. Grace had to match them to her guests and got… mayyybe 2 pairs correct. The rest went on her head. (The banner above the twine reads “she said yes!”– individual letters printed and mounted on card stock.)

1234760_10151794242854909_927609448_n  1230012_10151794243174909_93480747_n

Grace is not a fan of games so after the underwear guessing game, the only other one we played was the question game (I REALLY couldn’t think of a better name okay?!) where we (earlier) recorded her fiancé on video answering a bunch of questions about their relationship. Grace had to guess his answers and the guests had to predict how many she would answer correctly. She did pretty terribly on this one too, but at least she had fun, as evidenced above. 🙂 [Photo credit for above two pictures: Grace Han]

photo 2  photo 1

Left– Bride with her bridesmaids, and right– everyone! ‘Twas a good time spending time with the ladies before wedding day hits. 19 more days!

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