Tina Made 3 Cards

 Yep. Just 3. For now.

 photo 2

I used to be a big scrapbooker but I haven’t made a ‘real’ scrapbook in years. The closest I get is making mass-produced template pages for birthdays/bridal showers, which don’t really count… like so: 

photo 2  photo 1

Above right: All of the blank white cards are for friends to write notes for the birthday girl; the smaller card-stock pieces are mounts for polaroid pictures…

These days, to relieve my scrapbooking itch, I make cards. ‘Tis a lot more economical than buying individual greeting cards at the store, and you can tailor/personalize it to whomever it’s for! And it’s a lot less commitment than making 12″x12″ spreads.

What I love most about card-making is that I never start with a vision in mind. I start by rifling through my stash of scrapbook paper and picking and choosing a few patterns and colors. Then I start cutting and moving scraps around and gluing. Sometimes the card outcome is even determined by the size of my scraps– smaller scraps can obviously only be used in very limited ways. Case in point– I only had a single sheet of my favorite gold glitter paper so I had to use it as mere accents in the 3 cards.

Materials needed: blank cards (bought a pack of 25 from Michael’s), scrapbooking paper/cardstock (all of mine from Joann’s), scissors/paper cutter, stickers, and some type of adhesive (gluestick or double mounting squares).

photo 5

This one is for a friend’s 29th birthday, obvi. She likes to wear patterns and the colorful zebra stripes reminded me of her. Note: I love the obnoxiousness of using the word “obvi.” Doesn’t it, like, totally sound like something an airheaded high school chick would say?! ………You may now punch me in the face.

photo 3

The “fun and dumb” is an inside joke but I guess it can work for anyone, maybe. If you’re fun. Or dumb. I tried to incorporate classy/cute/quirky to reflect my friend’s personality.

photo 4

A simple thank you card for my boss. Sometimes, when the paper is pretty enough to stand for itself, I follow the “less is more” rule.

photo 1

Sent all of these out this past week. 🙂 More to come as occasions arise! 🙂