True story. Before I started this blog, I was going to make another blog. A pediatric occupational therapy (OT) blog with home treatment ideas for children with special needs, answers to frequently asked questions, parent resources, etc. It would have somehow incorporated the brilliant name………. OTina.

OT. Tina. OTina.

Thank you, thank you. *bows*

Instead, I made Tina Made It.

It was the right choice, considering that at the time, my life was consumed by OT, and the creative, crafting, DIY-ing side of me was in serious need of an outlet.

I say “at the time,” because today, I put in my two weeks notice. I’ve been at my current job (working at a school district with special needs children) for 4 years, and after hemming and hawing for months, I finally decided that it was time to leave. Part of my decision was driven by my desire to try a different practice area (OT is a super broad field), and part by my desire to pursue other passions– like DIY-ing and using more of the right (creative) side of my brain.


At this point, I’m just a jumble of emotions (namely fear, excitement, and some more fear) so maybe I can articulate more of my thought process regarding this whole thing when I’m actually unemployed with endless hours of free time on my hands (yikes!).

But for now, all I have to say is…. what a waste of a blog name. 🙂

Oh, Tina.