Encounters with a Sewing Machine

I got my first sewing machine as a college graduation gift from my roommate at the time. I say this as if I have more than one. False. I just have one.

It took me 3 years to take it out of the box because I was intimidated. My only other experience using a sewing machine was in my 7th grade Home Economics class, where I did somehow make some sweet totes and bags I never used. But what I mostly remember about that whole experience was the teacher describing how one of her former students got his finger caught under the needle as the machine was running. Talk about traumatizing.

Four years ago, I opened the box, took my machine to a friend’s place, and re-“learned” how to sew from my expert friend. I say this in quotes because although you can learn how to thread the machine (I just looked at the manual) and make the machine run, actually making something (that’s functional/recognizable) is a whole ‘nother story. For my first project, I made bedroom curtains for my sister, because it was the easiest possible thing I could think of.

A friend happened to take pictures of this day; I found them as I was looking through old tags on Facebook (oh, trusty slash scary FB…). Sorry for the terrible quality!

image  image_1

Sat on the wrong side of the machine for awhile ’til I worked up the nerve to try myself. 🙂

image_2  image_3

End result!

Something as simple as curtains still seemed to take forever. All that measuring, folding, ironing, pinning.. urgh. Since then I’ve moved onto some more complicated projects but I still consider myself a beginner-ish. Most of what I do is trial and error but I guess that’s the best way to learn. Can’t wait until I can call myself an expert! 🙂

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