Tina Made a Wooden Necklace Hanger

You know what’s pretty awesome? Friends who like having DIY crafting days.

There are tons of necklace hangers sold on Etsy and such these days, but my friends and I decided we could make our own. And make them cuter than what’s already out there. Yeah, I said it.

Wood. Chevrons. Gold. Tiffany Blue. What’s cuter than that?!

Here was my end result:

necklace-hanger-3  necklace-hanger-2

necklace-hanger-1  necklace-hanger-4

One of my friends went on to make several more with other patterns so if you want your own necklace hanger (and can’t commit to a full-blown DIY project that involves tools like a sander and power drill), check them out on her Etsy shop here.

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