Tina Made a Blog

I’ve been promising myself (and many friends) to Start.A.Blog. For like, the past 2 years. Better late than never, so Here.It.Is., folks.

Well. Who knew that writing a first post would be so incredibly daunting (me, actually… I’ve been experiencing a low-grade level of anxiety over this. Jk…maybe). The pressure of creativity! It’s paralyzing.

So I’ll insert this instead, and stop here:


Me, for the last few months, trying to think of a blog name. Everything cool was taken, I promise.

Whew. That was rough. Anyway, if you want to know more about me and this blog, you can check out my About section.

My next post will jump right into a yummy recipe. Hopefully I won’t crumble under the pressure. 😉

xo, Tina